Do Your Photos Accurately Display Your Rooms?

The Best Room Photos Are Accurate And Truthful

Dark, Warped Photos Like These Lose Reservations

New Photos Sell More Reservations Than A New Website

Group Rate Photo is your opportunity to upgrade your sales by upgrading your room and other images at a reduced rate.

Whether you run a family motel or a 4 star resort, you want your photos to be accurate and appealing. You are not saving money by doing this yourself, you are losing reservations. Unconvinced viewers will simply keep browing instead of reserving. Nobody will ever call to say they stayed elsewhere because your room photos were dark, narrow, twisted or poorly composed.

I Actually Proved That This Works.

In one case of a B&B in southern Maine, new room photos alone caused a 50% increase in May reservations from the year before. All other factors – weather, economy, etc., were the same or worse. In the year that the 50% increase occured, gasoline had increased by $1.00. The website did not change.

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