Quality Images Gain More Reservations

Photos Like These Turn Viewers Away

Web Viewers Buy What They See - Not What They Read

Professional Quality Photos Increase Reservations.
Booking.com, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Etc., All Recommend It.

Whether you run a family motel or a 4 star resort, or a vacation rental, you are not saving money with “do it yourself” photography. You are losing reservations to competitors who have photography that sells reservations. Some “Do It Yourself” projects save money. It doesn’t work with room photos.

This Bed & Breakfast Improved Their Spring Reservations 50% With New Photos.

In one case of a B&B in southern Maine, new room photos alone caused a 50% increase in May reservations from the year before. All other factors – weather, economy, etc., were the same. The website did not change. All we did was upgrade the photos.