Great Photos Gets More Reservations - Ask The Booking Experts

Do-It-Yourself Photos Like These Lose Reservations

Great Room Don't Cost - They Make You Money

Great Photos Do Not Cost Money – They Make Money., Trip Advisor And Others All Say The Same Thing.

Whether you run a family motel or a 4 star resort, or a vacation rental, you are not saving money with “do it yourself” photography. You are losing reservations to competitors who have photography that sells reservations. Some “Do It Yourself” projects save money. It doesn’t work with room photos.

One Small Inn Improved Spring Reservations 50%.

In one case of a B&B in southern Maine, new room photos alone caused a 50% increase in May reservations from the year before. All other factors – weather, economy, etc., were the same. The website did not change. All we did was upgrade the photos.

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