Keeping Existing Customers Is Easier Than Finding New Ones

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Email Marketing Examples

Do You Offer Seasonal Specials?

Send your existing guests a special offer to come back for another season. Give them a reason to think about you again.

This message will also ready those who did not stay with you recently, but did in past years.

You don’t have to worry about the size of your list or how often you mail. Our pricing allows you to contact people regularly, and keep a large list going. The viewers will tell you that they are no longer interested or available simply by opting out.

Email Marketing Examples

You Can Target Specific Audiences

If you want to subdivide your list, you can send more specific messages.

This message was specifically for school groups, not the regular whale watch customer base.

You can tailor your campaigns or have one large group to mail to, depending on your needs and ideas.

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