ADA Hospitality Website Lawsuits Are Rapidly Increasing. Take Preventative Action Now.

If you are not familiar with the problem of ADA website compliance lawsuits, click here for background information.

If you are familiar with ADA lawsuits and the problems they are creating for small business, KEEP READING BELOW. 

ADA website compliance lawsuits are continuing and becoming more frequent. 

If you do a web search for “ADA website compliance”, you may see information such as this. “An ADA website compliance audit can start at around $1,500…and the actual work to make the site compliant can range from anywhere from $3,000 – $50,000 – depending on the current state of the website, the number of pages, etc…”

For a typical lodging or restaurant, this is disturbing and untenable. But the cost of defending a lawsuit could be much greater.

Can a website ever be 100% ADA-compliant? The short answer is no. ADA compliance isn’t a “pass-fail” test. Rather, it’s a spectrum; a website can be more compliant or less compliant based on how closely it meets guidelines.”

This being the case, your responsibility is to demonstrate your best “good faith” effort, because perfection is not possible.

Here is what to do right now.

Have us install Audioeye, the #1 ADA compliance solution on your website now. Audioeye uses Artificial Intelligence to immediately remediate almost all of the ADA issues.Audioeye immediately raised the compliance level from 66 to 97 on a restaurant site. See the score below.

For other compliance issues, we will scan your website and make recommendations. Most problems can be quickly solved, and involve adding “alt” tags to photos, changing colors of certain type to be bolder or darker, changing link colors and other smaller measures. If you are using pdfs or images to display menus or schedules, these are “red flags” because words cannot be read on images by readers. Those need to be converted to text or grids. PDFs need to be optimized so that a visually disabled viewer will know what they are viewing. We can do all of this for you at a reasonable cost, and will give you instructions to keep any new content up to standard with your own staff of website manager.

Here is what Audioeye immediately did for this restaurant’s website.

Audioeye is the #1 ADA compliance solution.

You may see other ADA compliance “overlays” on websites. These are just that – overlays. Audioeye is a intelligent solution. It actually fixes most of the ADA issues on your website, rather than having to manually replace and repair.

Tourist Marketing Services is an authorized Audioeye partner. We can apply Audioeye to your site for a discounted price of $45 per month, and will be able to lower the price as we gain more and more clients into our partnership. Audioeye will constantly monitor your website, 24/7/365.

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