New England’s Best Lodging and Tourism Brochures, Rack Cards and “Bro-Cards”.

You don’t need nearly as many brochures as the you did before the Internet, but you still need a great one. Click the brochure sample images below for larger views.


  1. High resolution photography included – you can also use these images on your website and other websites requiring high resolution photos, such as, Expedia, etc.
  2. We specialize in tourism – anybody can put ink on paper. It’s what happens before the printing that makes all the difference. It is the design, photography, writing and organization of the piece that communicates and sells more reservations.
  3. We figure out the right size for you – we want you to communicate your lodging or attraction with the most cost effective piece.


Rack Cards – Cost Effective And Powerful Sales Tools


The rack card is 4 X 9, with color both sides. It can accommodate several images and plenty of copy. They are printed on heavy card stock to stand up in racks without folding over. It fits in a regular #10 envelope. We have created many hundreds of these. Here are just 2 samples. Click the cards below for full size images.